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Stand out from the crowd with a powerful brand.
Does your brand instill trust?
Does it make your customer want to buy?
Do you stand out from the competition?

Your brand is the first opportunity to establish credibility with your customer, and you only get one first impression. Thumbprint Strategic specializes in brand creation, refresh, and management services. We have assisted small to medium-sized businesses by elevating their visibility and increasing brand awareness among their customers through our branding services. We can also help you to segment and identify your customers, define messaging, and pin-point the most cost-effective channels to deliver your message.

At Thumbprint, our logo and branding services provide designs that:
  • Touch Customers on an Emotional Level
  • Clearly, Effectively Represent Messaging
  • Confirm Credibility & Establish Loyalty
  • Motivate Customers to Take Action
  • Outshine the Competition

The evolution of a logo
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branding a business
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