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Are you a small business competing that have companies with seemingly unlimited budgets?
Are you not ranking on keywords integral to your business, but need instant sales and/or leads?
Do you know if your messaging is driving your customers to take action?
Instantly Generate Leads & Sales with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search engine marketing (SEM) levels the playing field for small businesses by allowing them to:
  • Receive Instant Search Engine Visibility
  • Increase Targeted Traffic
  • Generate Sales
  • Capture Leads
  • Test Messaging
  • Adapt in Real-time to Market

How does search engine marketing (SEM) work?

Search engine marketing is the process of placing targeted advertisements on the various search engines. These ads are a perfect complement to search engine optimization and an important part of an integrated online marketing campaign.

Thumbprint provides in-depth keyword research, ad testing, landing page testing and campaign analysis to ensure that you receive the highest amount of leads and/or sales at the lowest possible cost.

What keywords drive actual sales and conversions?

Each one of us thinks that we know what our customers are looking for, but when it comes down to it, we actually don't. We know the intimate details of our product and industry, which skews our ability to step back and understand how someone with little to no knowledge of our brand or product would search.

Search engine marketing provides the perfect platform for marketers to learn how their customers are searching for their products/services and what keywords provide the highest ROI.

What messaging is most appealing to your customers?

In addition to what keywords are driving the most targeted traffic to your site, learning what messaging appeals most to your customers is imperative. Your messaging is one of the most important aspects of marketing. It touches every part of the marketing strategy, from print materials to website content. Using search engine marketing as a platform to test different messages is a low-cost way to learn more about what works for your clients.

Hit them where it hurts!

Small to medium-sized businesses have limited budgets, that makes it difficult to compete against large competitors. Search engine marketing allows small companies to create low-cost, targeted guerilla campaigns. These campaigns allow a small business to react to the market faster than large companies that are encumbered by bureaucracy.