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What are your customers and competitors saying about your brand & products?
Are people's opinions of your business positive, negative, or neutral?
Can you effectively manage your online reputation and improve it over time?
Monitor & Manage Your Online Reputation with Thumbprint.
Reputation monitoring can help reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results about your business. Thumbprint offers effective online reputation management from a team experienced in online marketing and brand development.

Thumbprint offers:
  • Online News Monitoring
  • Blog Monitoring
  • Social Platform Monitoring
  • Online Customer Service Management
  • Competitive Research

What are MY competitors doing?

We monitor your competitors' social reputations and strategies along with your own. Thumbprint collects and analyzes competitor intelligence to provide you with a comprehensive report that identifies your company's risks and business opportunities within your greater market.

Why does my business need reputation monitoring?

Reputation monitoring is the only way your business can effectively track and manage all of your customers’ conversations online. At Thumbprint our experienced team uses the latest tools to monitor your company's internet image. Our real-time reporting protects you from negative, embarrassing, or inaccurate online statements about your business.